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Founder and creator of Retro Gaming alliance. Also a very nice guy.

AHappyFluffyCow (Floofy)

Co-Creator of Retro Gaming Alliance. He helped me a lot creating this server and is a very nice guy. Let's appreciate him more.


Somewhat strange. But he is also the co-creator of Retro Gaming Alliance. He's really good in coding!


One of the first non-Dutch admins on the server. He has created tmanttibot which serves as a moderation bot on our server. I guess BadGuy doesn't show up in his dictionary.


The first members on the server and a great friend of AyavaJeroen.


The one and only person from Belgium. He shows us really good video's, but somewhat weird. Even though, he's awesome.

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Special thanks to Coocla33 and Floofy for testing